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So, ah, a last minute snap decision to cut anchor on my original idea and write 21k in essentially four days, spurred on by this not-so-latent obsession with Kingsman which subsequently flared up ridiculously bright when homo_pink started talking with me about it and then even brighter when i dragged cherie_morte into it, and then the next thing you know, the immensely talented and all around perfect quickreaver (!!!!) musta had a lapse in judgement and picked my summary and here you have it, this years bigbang revealed! (And if you wanna have an insight into how my draft currently reads, that there paragraph is probably a fairly decent simulation)

Title: Manners Maketh Man
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17

Summary: Life on the streets has honed Jared's reflexes and his poker face, taught him when to run and when to stand his ground. He's learned how to fight for what he wants and how to fight to keep it. Not much of this matters when he's recruited into a clandestine organization of gentleman spies, one that operates independently and above the law. He's transported to an isolated training facility, where old habits must be torn down and new ones formed, all under the watchful eye of Jensen Ackles, a twenty year veteran of the organization and Jared's self-appointed mentor. Jensen is reserved, restrained, a gentleman in every respect, as comfortable brokering back alley deals as he is rubbing elbows with foreign diplomats. He's also lethal, knows how to take out an entire room of trained fighters and never even wrinkle his waistcoat. When a few missions go south unexpectedly, Jared and Jensen start to harbor suspicions, suddenly sure of no one but each other.

I've cleared my dance card for the next couple of days and plan on fixing the draft and finishing three other stories, so if you see me anywhere on the internet before, say, Friday, tell me to go away and get back to work.
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