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♠ Waiting to get my hotel confirmation for SDCC this year. Nerves are strung tight. I'm totally not writing this up as a distraction from obsessively refreshing my email. Nope. Not at all.

♠ Night Vale live show tomorrow! Excited. Three weeks until I go see my darling flawlessglitch. Even more excited.

♠ As promised, nine more spnspringfling recs. Three threes, I feel this gives me some sorta luck re: the endless wait to see if I have a hotel.

Only Came for My Princess // J2 // pt-13 (art:sfw) // Brilliant and funny and it tells a whole story. Jared's expression is amazing.

Set Out Running // Sam/Jensen // r // Wow. Shattered and fragmented, dives right into Sam's head and doesn't flinch.

Men Are From Mars // J2 // pg-13 // A story that takes the typical characterization of Jared and tosses it out. I have this thing for Jared being quiet and introspective, and whoa does this feed that particular thing. Beautiful and quiet.

Bonded in Ink // J2 // pg (art:sfw) // Jared's expression in this one is basically everything to me.

suspended, still // Sam/Dean // nc-17 // Delicious, delicious look at how the mark is seeping into every single thing that Dean does. Visceral and bloody (very bloody), and I love how willingly Sam gives his body (and blood) up to Dean, how he'll do anything at all for his brother.

Out of Time, Out of Place // Sam/Benny // nc-17 // An awesome look inside of Benny's thoughts, and how he sees Sam sorta within the context of his brother. This is so effing interesting, the foxhole mentality that runs through this one, and it's an instance of Dean being all over the place even in his absence.

love story // Sam/Dean // r // I'm such a sucker for 2nd person POV and it's because of stories like this. Lyrical and lovely.

Souls are Overrated // Sam/Dean // nc-17 (art:nsfw) // Oh you guys. I lack the proper vocabulary to talk intelligently about artwork and even if I had it, I still wouldn't know where to start. The perspective. Freckles. The smudge of blood on Dean's throat.

Letters from a Half-Finished Boy // Sam/Dean // r // Anything at all I could say about this one wouldn't do it justice. The turns of phrase. The grit and the beauty and the goddamn Cement Garden. I finished reading it and flung myself back to the beginning and read it again, three times. Go. Trust me. Go.

♠ Alright. I've spent an hour or so writing this up and still no hotel email confirmation. It's creeping up on 1am in my neck of the woods and wow, you oughta hear the sound my anxiety is making. Wish me luck, my lovelies. More importantly, enjoy the recs!
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