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♠ there are 27 tabs open on my browser. Gotta get my act together here.

♠ I wrote 74 words of bigbang yesterday, and have decided to call that a victory. Yay! Victory! How's everybody doing with theirs? How's everyone feeling? Something like six weeks to go. We got this. We totally got this.

spnspringfling y'all. I've only scratched the surface but oh all the beautiful words and all the beautiful art. Therefore, a few recs:

I am the Shadow on the Moon at Night // J2 // PG // My perfect, sultry, mysterious gift for the exchange, so okay, you can call me biased except I'm not. The boys are otherworldly and so very powerful, and there's all the tension in the world, this push and pull and I'm in love. Completely and without reservation in love.

Frozen Truths // Sam/Dean // r // Here, have a quote: Sam feels Dean-less that first spring, which perhaps shouldn’t be an emotion, but it’s there – or rather, it isn’t. The language, you guys. The desperation and the hope and everything's perfect.

Cemetery Dreams // J2 // nc-17 // The most unlikely of love stories. So inventive and the perspective is unique and again, the language.

Please, Can I Touch... // Smith/Wesson // nc-17 (art: nsfw) // The bright splashes of red just do it for me, and so does the movement in the drawing, the way Dean's reaching out, almost there.

Punishment // Sam/Dean // pg-13 // I was hooked from the opening visual: Dean Winchester, a god, standing on the side of the road in an old leather jacket. The author warns us for an unhappy ending, but I see it differently.

Myths or Legends // J2 // pg (art: sfw) // I adore everything about this. Jared's hands crossed over Jensen's heart, their expressions, wings like fairies, even their feet, guys.

Early Morning Yesterday // JDM/Jensen // r // So fucking hot. One of the best things about this is how it tosses out the typical characterization of Jeff--don't get me wrong, love me some confident, in control JDM, but this one turns it sideways. Jensen here is a force, flirty and sure and the dialogue is so, so good.

When All is Said and Done // Sam/Dean // g (art:sfw) // Sam's hair. Dean's expression. Sam's hand covering Dean's as Dean lifts up his shirt. I wanna wallpaper my life with this.

Wish on the Lidded Blue Flames // J2 // nc-17 // You guys might notice a theme here, but holy shit the language. Stories like this just make me wanna give up and lay down in some hole somewhere, because I will never be able to do something this goddamn good. The character voice here is so real and tangible and relatable, the setting vivid. Incredibly descriptive and the whole time reading it, I had that feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling, that right there hook in your stomach, heart in your throat feeling.

♠ I could go on and on, but I'll stop at nine, which is three threes and that pleases my sense of order. More later. Probably nine more later.

♠ The plan: read more, answer comments (sorry for the upcoming reply-spam, ladies and gents). I'm still not caught up on masquerade wonderfulness, therefore read some more and then make some samosas and probably cupcakes, as a reward for those aforementioned 74 words. Oh, and finally get out of bed and brush my teeth and get dressed and do some of that grown-up stuff.
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