an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

the future looks just like gravity

you guys. oh you guys.

adverb abuse ahoy:

spent all day yesterday hanging out with my beautifully kinky and dreadfully terrible co-mod tebtosca and the fantastic lady who keeps us all tagged fiercelynormal and cherie_morte who knows how to pick all the right prompts and our kinky, merry gang of pranksters over at spn_masquerade. more than sixteen hours, modding and writing every word we knew how to write into the wee hours of the morning, screwing up time changes (as you do) and today my whole body feels like it was run over three times by a tanker truck containing a billion gallons of porn. honestly. it's this strange physical thing.

eight fills from your humble narrator, something in the neighborhood of 16,000 words. some stuff i've never tried to write before. some weird experiments. i'm never writing again. never. ever. until i do.

so so much wonderfulness over there, and i've not even scratched the surface. y'all are awesome. you blow my mind. 162 fills in all, almost 30 more than last round and if i had a brain for those sorts of things, i'd figure out a percentage or something, but yeah. i've never talked in maths very well. it's been such a fun party. our fandom is the best fandom.

now sally forth! read and stare at art and tell everybody how awesome they are.

and now, a nap. maybe. probably.
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