an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

every single bone in my brain is electric

♠ Woke up at 2am from a seven hour nap. This weekend is off to a weird start.

spn_masquerade is puttering along smashingly! A billion pages of prompts and so many folks have come out to play and my heart feels so big right now, you guys. So big. I've been busy writing all the words that I haven't had time to read basically any of the words, but it's coming. We're closing it down for fills in (mumble mumble how's this for vague) something like 24 hours-ish. If you're of a mind, get cracking!

♠ Bigbang drafts are due in, I dunno, eight weeks or something, oh fuck.

♠ You guys, you guys! I've recently booked passage to go and stay with my dearest flawlessglitch for a long weekend of writing and sangria and coffee and biscotti at this one awesome cafe in her neck of the woods. EXCITED. Also, I'm going to be spending a weekend with big_heart_june in the fall and finally, once and for all, get to buy that lovely lady the drink I've owed her for years now. End of October-ish (in the interest of remaining vague), and if anyone will be or can get to London around that time, we'd love to see you.

♠ Goddamnit, I love it when this happens:

photo courtesy of redteekal over on twitter

♠ It's 3:30 am. Maybe I should write. Should I write? I think I'll write.
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