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turn up the speakers past the point of sound

you guys you guys.

spn_j2_bigbang is rumbling to life again, marking the start of my fannish fiscal year. yes, oh yes.

♠ so much awesome fic and art has come out of the spn_j2_xmas exchange and i've hardly scratched the surface. the plan is to hibernate for the rest of the day, read and read and then read some more. a million recs to come, but in the meantime i've been the luckiest person in the whole wide world and have had two amazing gifts fall into my lap over the past week. if you haven't read them yet, go forth! you won't be sorry.

Take Me to Church by runedgirl // Sam/Dean // nc-17 // 2140 words // The apocalypse happens, but it’s Sam and Dean who burn. // she had me at the title, you guys. sure do love me a good apocalypse, and this is apocafic of the most wonderful sort. such efficiency of language. it's sam and dean stripped down to their essentials. haven't been able to get this out of my head for days. bleak and ashy and so perfectly descriptive. hints of cormac mccarthy through and through. i'm in love.

Because Ghosts by indiachick // Jared/Jensen // nc-17 // 7163 words // warnings for mental illness and substance abuse // Jared's had a terrible summer, what with all the hereditary insanity, possible hauntings, and Jensen. // my gift for the exchange and wow. it's like my darling gifter reached into my head and gave me everything i ever wanted. oh how this author has fed my language kink. i wish i could write this beautifully. there are train tracks. you know how i feel about train tracks. there are ghosts and delusions and santeria. there is jensen, who shines so bright and there is jared, who eats the wings off of angels.

♠ unrelatedly, off i took myself to the tattoo parlor the other day accompanied by the delicious cherie_morte (who served as my personal assistant and got me water and things i needed from my bag, and helped me with every coloring decision that my poor sleep deprived brain was unable to make, then took me to supper and was basically perfect in every single way). forearm tattoo is complete! it's so badass. so fecking badass. here, take a look-see, if you're of a mind:


it's actually a little brighter in person, but this was right after it was finished and it had ointment slathered all over and was generally a little puffy.  healing up real pretty now though.

it's past noon in my neck of the woods. reckon i should take a shower. brush my teeth. put on clean pajamas. y'know, grown up stuff like that.
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