an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

don't take my kodachrome away.

okay. remember when i told you i was gonna shut up after i claimed yonder zombie fic? lies. all lies, because tebtosca claimed the fic of my heart. finally.

Sun in my Mouth // nc-17 // 2007 words // underage, oral fixation, facefucking // The summer sun's bright in his eyes, but all Sam sees is Dean. // you guys. you guys. i've read it five times. it's the sorta fic that you finish and go straight back to the beginning, hoping to find a paragraph you missed, or a sentence, or even one single word. such efficiency of language. sam - cut and dry and so in love with his brother that you can taste it. go forth.

more recs to come, once i wrap my head around all the awesome that's happened fic and art-wise over the last month or so, but i needed to get this one off my chest. go. what are you still doing here?
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