an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

kid, you'll be fine.

please, please someone tell me that it's not advisable to sign up for polybigbang when i have yet to write a word for my sam/dean minibang. (i have an idea though, for both.) (and i'm delusionally confident that i can get 10k banged out on the minibang in a week after writing something like 12k last saturday and early sunday)

passage has been booked for london in the fall. so is a place to stay. did i tell you guys? i'll be there for the better part of october. if anyone reading this is in that neck of the woods and wants to say hi, hit me up! i'd love to buy you a drink or five.

spn_masquerade reveals happen tomorrow at midnight and i can't wait to see who drew and wrote what! i'm thinking i'll claim three of mine. dunno. maybe all five. we'll see.

four hours spent tonight with one of the best people i know, and here be the result:

my forearm is so much prettier now. the crescent moon on my wrist is old, and i have a match on the other wrist that you might remember from my 'promise' tattoo (!!!!) from a few months ago.

you can't really see it, but the owl is perched on a key.  this is very important. so's the keyhole in the skull's forehead.  color happening in a month or so. it's so badass you guys. i'm in love.


and now i sleep. hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start!

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