an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

the future is a blue sky and a full tank of gas

you guys. you guys.

spent all day yesterday hanging out with the lovely and fantastically organized fiercelynormal and terrifically kinky co-mod tebtosca, cheerleaders and handholders of the highest order, as we banged out approximately all the kinky commentfic in the world over at spn_masquerade.

fourteen straight hours of modding and writing and increasing ridiculousness as the night wore on. so much junk food. so much coffee and rum in equal doses that my body thought it was in grad school all over again. got up this morning feeling like i'd been run over by a train made out of homoerotica. if you can't seem to find the right words today, it's totally our fault. we used all of them up yesterday. i think each of us managed to bang out five fills and i'm never writing again. until i do.

but there is so much awesome over there. i've only barely skimmed the fills, but can't wait to do it proper. our fandom is awesome. y'all are awesome and we couldn't be happier with the turn out. huge huge thanks to everyone who's come out to play.

go forth! read and stare at art and tell everybody how awesome they are.


♠ finished the last big push of edits and rewrites on my big bang to the tune of 8k or so. posted. fell in love with sillie82's artwork all over again.

♠ worked like 74 hours and that's not even counting my commutes.

♠ gotten a whole passel of rusty metal filings in my eye at the site, which were removed in a very stressful way by my doctor and left me decidedly cyclopsy for the better part of a week but i'm feeling much, much better now.

♠ spent 14 hours straight writing porn (as mentioned above, but i reckon it warrants a repeat), and spent other time doing so here and there to the tune of around 14k for the masquerade. i died. i am zombie.

♠ managed various other adult-type things like vacuuming, brushing my teeth and eating fruit.

♠ never actually took a nap today like i planned and made cookies and zucchini bread and an actual honest-to-god supper.

what's everyone else been up to?
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