an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

wake up, wake up

sam's hand

do you remember that promo? i'm sure you remember that promo. tripped across it again the other day, watched it 1938428945 times and now...

all i can think about is sam's hand on the arm of that chair, or even better, sam's hand high up on dean's thigh, just like that, all restless and jittery as dean tries to drive, and it's dark out, nighttime, and the trip is wearing on, wearing them out, interstate and more interstate, black pine trees on either side and nothing to see or do except each other, so dean starts talking about some girl who used to work at the 24-hour diner they just passed near the last exit, ancient history, because yeah, okay, they still sometimes fuck girls but those times are fewer and further between, and anyway, they've always been too wrapped up in fucking each other, but dean's still going on and on about her ass or her lips or maybe both, and sam's sick of hearing it, so he squeezes dean's leg even harder, splays his own knees wide and arches his neck against the back of the seat, slides in closer, because he knows dean, knows that he will never ever pass up a chance to one-up his kid brother, escalate any situation, go one better, prove a point or act like it's his idea in the first place, and this time is no exception, an a-number-one chance to prove that he can do anything, keep the solid yellow line to their left and the broken white one to their right, navigate and maintain a steady 75 as he snaps sam's jeans open and unzips them just enough to get his hand in, rub at sam's cock so slow and easy until sam can't stand it anymore, still pawing at his brother's leg, and his head's still thrown back only now it's not an act. now it's for real.

that's how my day is going, folks. how's yours?
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