an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

don't know where i'm going but i sure know where i've been

(yes, i know. whitesnake. it's been one of those weeks.)

you.  me.  tomorrow at midnight:

The Beggar's Banquet: Round Opens August 2nd

(now y'all know that i'm a j2 and wincest kinda girl through and through, but dammit, dephigravity, that banner is fecking HOT.)

this is so so late, but i was at sdcc this past weekend and my head still isn't on straight.  reckon if i was about to get a year older, the best place to do it was in san diego, distracted and surrounded by like-minded folk...and...well....jared padalecki, who stopped by for a quick visit (twice!) while cherie_morte and i were hunkered down in the hall h line.

a huge, huge thank you to big_heart_june for the wonderful picspam! tiptoes and size kink and beautiful perfect faces!! many more to firesign10, sillie82, dolnmoon, and mashimero for the lovely posts.

thanks to wendy and fiercelynormal for the awesome v-gifts!  i love those little suckers, and to deirdre_c and cassiopeia7 for the emails and e-cards. and the happy tweets from dugindeep, deirdre_c (again!!!), zubeneschamali, fiercelynormal, homo_pink tebtosca, and shinyslasher.  (oh, i'm on twitter now.  did i tell you?  i can't remember if i told you. i'm riychu over there, because someone had already taken riyku.  the nerve!)

and wow, even more thanks to chomaisky dephigravity celtic_forest secretlytodream deansdirtybb marciaelena meus_venator, thestarkat, enablelove, locknkey, and ashtraythief for the pm's and well wishes.

and last and the opposite of least, thanks to flawlessglitch , the goddamn love of my life, for doing me such a solid by not bugging me about a thing that she had every right to bug me about.

you guys.  you are all so very wonderful. remember that.  don't forget it.  i wish i knew how to tell you how wonderful you are.
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