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A New Challenge

spn_30snapshots  Theme 09: Choose Your Own Adventure Prompt Table/J2 RPS, maybe a little AU, but who knows...

                                                     Visions and Revisions

Where the Truth is Found
11.I chose to do
something with my life

that I knew I could fail at.

I spent my whole life walking

and hid such colorful wings.
21.In those years, people
will say, we lost track

of the meaning of we, of you,

we found ourselves

reduced to I
fic link here
12.O' God it's wonderful

to get out of bed

and drink too much coffee

and smoke too many cigarettes

and love you so much said Is

there anything

is dead or alive
more beautiful

than my body,
to have in your fingers

(trembling ever so little)?
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13.Time for you
and time for me,

And time yet for a
hundred indecisions,

And for a hundred
visions and revisions
23.We shall not cease
from exploration

And the end of all our

Will be to arrive
where we started

And know the place for
the first time.

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14.After a while you learn
the subtle difference

between holding a
hand and chaining a

And you learn that
love doesn't mean

And company doesn't
mean security,

And you begin to learn
that kisses aren't

And presents aren't
24.Here is your

Your nails and
your hill;

And here is your

That lists where it
5.trust15.memory25.writer's choice
6.If I could do it all again

I'd make more mistakes

Not be so scared of falling,

If I could do it again,

I would climb more trees

I'd pick and I'd eat

more wild blackberries
16.You should have
asked me for it

I would have been brave

You should have
asked me for it

How could I say no?
26.writer's choice
7.And I'm comin' home again

It's been too long a time

Gettin' back what's mine

And I can't remember why I went away

But it's lookin' now like maybe I can stay
17.And honey
I was never gonna change,

And honey
you are never gonna change,

But don't you love it that way?
27.writer's choice
8.Don't cry

You can rely on me honey

You can come by any time you want

I'll be around

You were right about the stars:

Each one is a setting sun
18.and i did unforgivable things

and you perfected
a certain cruelty

and when the end came
screaming at us
we fed it fresh, new years

our best years,

our prime of life years
28.writer's choice
9.beginning19.eclipse29.writer's choice
10.Yet the weeks are short

The months go racing by

And the years have wings.
20.What use are books to me

When in you it is possible to read

The Gospel of my life on earth

And still beyond, of things to come?
30.writer's choice

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