an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

a near miss

lj was awesome yesterday. imma try and keep it going.

comic con's in two weeks.  holy cow.

we lucked out with tickets (4-day passes and preview night!!!), and made it through the hotel lottery with only moderate hitches (wyndham bay front a mile or so away from the convention center), and then today i got a phone call:

lady on the phone (henceforth, lotp): this is travel planners, calling about your hotel reservation for the san diego comic con.

me: (stomach dropping) uh-huh.

lotp: your hotel, the wyndham, has been overbooked and cannot honor your reservation.

me: (more stomach dropping) okay.

lotp: we've arranged for a different hotel for you.

me: (relieved, but sure as shooting it's gonna be something way out in mission valley or coronado or hell if i know, and launching into an instantaneous revamp of all of our carefully planned out tactics) alright.

lotp: you're reservation has been moved to the marriott marquis and marina.

me: (trying to remember the hotel list and could it be could it be could it actually be???) okay.

lotp: it's adjacent to the convention center.

me: ..... ...... ...... wow. holy shit. okay. (trying to remember the hotel list again and how much it costs per night and fuck it, i can probably take a second mortgage out on the house, because wow, this means that we're gonna be able to walk right out of the hotel lobby and into the convention center. no joke.)

lotp: and your rate will remain the same. because this is their mistake, the wyndham is going to make up the difference in price and pay all applicable taxes.

me: (calling my sister and relaying the whole tale because holy fuck, y'know?)

my sister: (because we're in the midst of an epic breaking bad rewatch) CHURCH.


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