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One more story from DC con, and this is one I've been dying to spill. Something needed to happen before I could tell everyone, and something finally happened.

It all started, as most things in my life typically do, with this one awesome wincest fic.

See, I've wanted a fannish tattoo for a very long time, but I didn't want something obvious or something that other people had like the anti-possession symbol or the Impala or Sam Winchester's face or anything like that. I love them on other people, but it's not my thing, particularly.  Then I re-read Speechless by candle_beck (one of the few of her's that doesn't leave you plastered flat out on the floor with the beautiful, perfect tragedy of Sam and Dean) about a year or so ago and well, here you have it:

Frozen for a moment, and then Dean's head presses back into Sam's arm, his hair damp and like suede on the bare skin where Sam's T-shirt sleeve has ridden up. Split second, Dean stays like that, and then he drops his head forward and digs the pen out of his pocket. He picks Sam's hand up and holds it at an odd angle with their forearms notched together so he can write along the side of Sam's wrist:


Sam lets him go, tasting his heartbeat in his mouth. He's reeling slightly. He has an awful feeling he let that go on way too long.

He doesn't touch his wrist, makes sure to hold it away from his body and keeps it turned into the wind. It's all he can do not to take off to the nearest tattoo parlor.

Reckon you can see where I'm going with this. The Dean Winchester of my heart always keeps his promises, even if he ends up leaving a path of destruction a mile wide in his wake. He always keeps them and he always tries so hard. Anyway, I was very specific. If it was gonna happen, I needed it to be in Dean Winchester's handwriting. Enter DC con.

If any of you have ever been to a Creation con, you know that they really crack down on personalization of autographs where Jared and Jensen are concerned, and the few seconds you have with the boys are always really awesome, but super rushed. cherie_morte and secretlytodream and I were in line together for Jensen's autograph and I almost chickened out--didn't want to put him in a tough spot or anything, or ask him for something he really couldn't do, but those lovely ladies convinced me that I didn't have anything to lose by asking. I went up to him and asked rather than signing his name, if he could write 'promise' instead. And he said, "Promise?" And I said, "Yeah, because Dean Winchester always keeps his promises." And he said, "Of course, sweetheart." And then I got all weak in the knees and joined cherie and loki and remained in a daze for the rest of the day because he did it.  Wow.  He did it.


Then there was an interminable wait to actually get the thing, because I've been seeing the same tattoo artist for more than a decade and I love him like family, even if he had to reschedule our appointment two times and I had to wait for a month.

Dean Winchester's handwriting on the side of my wrist, after I've taken off to the nearest tattoo parlor:
(no title)

I'm in love. Wonky angle, and there's this weird glare on the 'r' from the ointment but it looks ace from where I'm sitting.  It was taken several hours ago, right after my artist had finished. You guys. Jensen did me a solid. My wonderful roommates at the con did me another solid for convincing me to ask him.  Still can't believe it.

p.s. sorry cherie.  i know you wanted to see it first, but i was bursting at the seams.  you'll see it in person very very soon. PROMISE. ♥
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