an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

i came home with a brand new plan

hc_bingo card ahoy, because the only way to deal with signing up for too many challenges is to sign up for more, clearly. So many choices, it's like they know my heart.

Is there any prompt in particular you'd like me to write? Y'all have better brains than I do--make up my mind for me, you wonderful people you.

deadline / time bomb exhaustion grief combat hiding an injury / illness
amnesia restrained invisibility magical trouble side effects
apocalypse unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding WILD CARD telepathic trauma loss of job / income
tentacles heart attack / heart trouble witch hunt substance addiction poltergeist
hypoglycemia / low blood sugar difficult / unexpected pregnancy first transformation blood loss post-traumatic stress disorder

Tags: bingo
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