an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

she tastes like the real thing

First order of business! Go forth and read the hell outta this and then read the hell out of it again:

Dark Paradise by cherie_morte. Sam/Dean // NC-17 // He knew as soon as Dean rose up from the bones what it was he brought to life. And maybe Sam should have been horrified right there and right then, but he was giddy as he watched Dean kill. All he could think was it's really him, he even looks the same. // It's not for the faint of heart, and the warnings are well-deserved, but guys. Guys. It's twisted and bloody and the boys are dark, dark, dark, inexorably tangled up and beautiful, and cherie doesn't pull her punches, not a single one of them.

Second order of business! It hit me a few minutes ago that it's my Sunday to post porn at yonder smpc, and I have a big ol' black hole where an idea ought to be, so prompt me? Please? Simple or complex and please prompt profusely, since I can damn near guarantee that I won't have any ideas next month or the one after either, and you lovely people have much better brains than I do. Tell me what to write.  Thank you.

Third order of business! spnspringfling is live and this is bringing me ridiculous amounts of joy.
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