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i've got one more silver dollar


I've spent the morning getting a root canal. Mysteriously broke a tooth yesterday, spent the night gurgling whiskey (purely anesthetic, I hardly swallowed a drop), and now the left half of my face feels funny. Tooth is numb, though, so mission accomplished.


Every year I always say that I'm going to write for fewer challenges, and then proceed to fail spectacularly. This year I resolve to give up, give in, sign up for every challenge that even vaguely has the letters s, p, and n in the title. To that end, for reference and in no discernible order, a list thus far:

1. spn_j2_bigbang: I mean, obviously. That one's like the start or finish of my fannish fiscal year. But! I already have something like 9k in the bag. J2! H/C with a capital H and C! Legitimate hypothermia, the requisite amount of shaving kink, misunderstandings, barren wilderness, and BOATS!

2.spn_reversebang: Working with the ever so lovely badbastion, and due to post late next week. (Editing, editing, editing.) Wincest! Dark, dark Winchesters, murder and mayhem and revenge. This one might not be for everyone, but I'm having a wonderful time chipping away at it.

3. spn_cinema: I have an idea and it is ridiculous. I also have another idea that isn't quite as ridiculous, but rest assured that ridiculousness will ensue.

4. spn_meanttobe: The summaries are now up and basically I want to write them all. Everybody should heave to and write them all. Please. For me.

5. Jensen/Jared/Osric threesome fic for my darling lily because this thing happened one time and lily showed it to me and thus my size kink could not be contained.

6. Long, long overdue charity fic. College AU wherein Jensen is cocky but repressed and Jared isn't all that cocky but still repressed, and together they become unrepressed.

7. Jensen/Jared foster brothers AU that I've been thinking about forever, tried to write it for the xmas exchange and couldn't quite get it right. Hello incest kink, basically.

8. I've joined the ranks of smpc! It's easy: one Sunday a month you pledge to post some porn of the Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen variety, 2k minimum if memory serves. Reckon it'll make me keep up my somewhat vague goal of posting at least a fic a month, so I win. Also, what's not wonderful about a weekly dose of porn?

9. I'm forgetting some stuff. What am I forgetting?

Finally, I'm thinking of starting a project on this here journal, sorta like Sunday cooking for fannish folk, wherein I share some recipes and some recs and assorted miscellany, since I tend to cook for the week on Sundays and also laze around generally indulging in my fannish tendencies, and have a hankering to share this with you guys. I promise that the recipes will be vegetarian, and the fandom SPN-ish. I know a lot of you are here for the fic, and don't want to alienate anyone, so. Opinions?

Enough of that. How are you? What are you working on? What have you written/drawn/watched/read/seen recently that was awesome?
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