an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
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fic: bury my heart next to yours

Title: bury my heart next to yours
Words: 14,500
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dub-con, horror, violence, abuse, mentions of slavery in an historical context
Notes and thanks:  Written for the 2013 samdean_otp minibang. A bucketful of thanks to my lovely artist, selecasharp, who took my downright dodgy draft and made something absolutely beautiful out of it, and to my darling flawlessglitch for not only stepping up to the plate over and over to catch all my whoopsies, but for also dealing with my last-minute nature with so much damn grace.  Title misappropriated from Mumford & Sons (if you're noticing a trend, there is one), and I pinched (and paraphrased) a couple of lines from Neil Hilborn and Siken.  Here's hoping they went to a good cause.

Summary: Some things are rock-solid truths: the sky is blue, monsters are real, Sam’s in love with his brother, and he’s never going to tell him. Alright, so maybe Sam’s a little shaky on that last one, and one night he slips up. In an attempt to re-establish their fragile status quo, the boys head down to the low country, to a crumbling plantation house in South Carolina, chasing reports of a vengeful and violent poltergeist. The two of them unravel the case layer by layer, revealing the house’s dark past, and secrets that may bring the brothers closer together after all.

Tags: fic: sam/dean, masterpost, rated: nc-17
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