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let your kink flag fly: a kinky fanworks comment meme

Welcome to Let Your Kink Flag Fly: a multi-fandom kinky fanworks comment meme!



Prompts can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like, from a few short words to a detailed paragraph. All fandoms and pairings are welcome, slash, femmeslash, het and gen.

Anything can be a kink, from the most common trope to the most rare. A prompt detailing a character sitting on the couch eating a tub of cream cheese icing is just as valid a kink as a puppyplay slavefic. Kink shaming or kink bashing will not be tolerated.

Anonymous comments are welcome.

2. FILL:

Artwork, fics, haiku, interpretive dances, fanmixes, and any sort of fanwork is accepted. More than one fill for a prompt is just about the best thing ever.

Please put "FILLED" at the top of your comment. It'll make it easier to keep track of your fills for the masterpost.


Many, many thanks to dugindeep for answering my desperate call. Spread the word! Invite everybody.

Have fun, y'all. Get kinky.


Take it to the Limit by tmn1966. Jared/Jensen: manhandling/jealous angry make-up sex. bonus points for dirty talk.

Untitled by dugindeep Cindy/Jensen: Cindy Sampson sitting on someone's face. I don't give a fuck who it is, male, female, wild animal, go to town.

Artwork by amberdreams Sam/Dean: Dean gets his nipples pierced and Sam loves to play with them.

Artwork: .44 Caliber Love Letter by pornysock Sam/Dean: gunplay

Learning Curve by verucasalt123 Sam/Dean: underage. Dean teaches Sam how to masturbate.

Untitled by blackrabbit42 Sam/Dean: gunplay

Twist the Knife and Bleed My Aching Heart by agirlnamedtruth Dean/Cas: consensual knife play with Cas's angel sword. Both of them get off on the fact that it's the one thing that can kill Cas, and the trust involved in allowing Dean to use it on him.

The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep by zubeneschamali Dean/Girl!Sam: fingering in the Impala

Untitled Artwork by amberdreams Sam/Dean: One is an artist, the other is the nude model ... established relationship would be fun, but I'll accept anything, really.

Untitled Artwork by a_biting_smile Sam/Dean: shotgunning

Afternoon Delight by thestarkat Jared/Danneel: pegging

Massage Play by applegeuse Jared/Jensen: J1 is a masseuse and J2 is the client that has been coming to him for months, as they flirt and the massage turns a bit more intimate. One day J2 falls asleep and wakes up to J1 playing with him sexually.

Untitled by koulagirl666 Jared/Jensen: breathplay/corset kink, in which Jensen loves it when Jared does his laces, because Jared's so goddamn strong and can get it really really tight.

A Side Order of Awkward by koulagirl666 Jared/Jensen: They have to keep it a secret between their friends - either because of exes or being in the closet, whatever.

Twist and Turn Me by koulagirl666 Jared/Jensen: They love to cover one another with bruises and bite marks and scratches during sex.

Why Worry When It's Warm Over Here by koulagirl666 Jared/Jensen: old-style non-AU J2 fic where they, like, live in the same house and pine for each other or have a secret relationship and have to keep hands off each other all day at work or something.

Untitled by juice817 Jared/Jensen: rimming. really filthy rimming.

Why Do You Ask? by viviansface Jared/Jensen: Jared Padalecki is a wealthy man who likes to have fun with a random hooker from time to time, just for the sake of it. One night, he ends up bringing home an exceptionally lovely boy... and everything goes well until Jared finds him crying in the bathroom afterwards.

Untitled by dimeliora Sam/Dean: geekery. Sam catches Dean geeking out to Bill Nye on the motel TV--and has to have him right then.

In the Still of the Night by ashtraythief Jared/Jensen: somnophilia

Anything We Want by alexadean Jared/Jensen: forced mpreg. Jensen (between 13-16) is given to older Jared (25-30) as a carrier to bear his children. Jensen is completely distraught. Jared takes care of him after it and tries to ease Jensen into it, but knows that they need to do their duty and procreate and is firm about it.

Night Shift by riyku Jared/Jensen: Jared is a hooker, Jensen is an undercover cop on a sting.

It's Not About the Tentacles by ashtraythief Adrianne/Genevieve: Enthusiastically consentacle tentacle kink.

Painted by justawriter Jared/Jensen/JDM: Jensen with come all over his face for reasons.

Don't Sleep to Dream by alexadean Jared/Jensen: somnophilia

Paradise Found by oddlyspoken Sam/Dean, Sam/Lucifer: hallucinations. S7. Dean doesn't know just how frequently Sam can't tell the difference between his brother and the devil. Dean doesn't even begin to suspect that it's the reason Sam's getting off harder than he ever has in his life.

Treehouses are for Lovers by anonymous Jared/Jensen: (same age, 12-14) popping a boner in their treehouse and confused about all these ~feelings~

Yours, Mine by meus_venator JDM/Idris Elba: I don't even care what happens as long as there is sweaty manly man fucking involved.

The Casting Couch by zara_zee Jared/Jensen: Young actor coming to Hollywood and tempted by the casting couch.

Taking in Strays by morrezela Sam/Dean/Lisa: double penetration

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