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fic: Together Like the Devil and Sin - Masterpost

Title: Together Like the Devil and Sin
Genre: J2 AU
Word Count: 28,000
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Here's the scoop, folks: ages ago, radiophile hit me with this prompt, and then I kinda got stuck on it, and then I kinda realized that it was going to be a long one, and here we have it. I have her to thank. I also have my darling flawlessglitch to thank for always having my back, and I probably owe glovered and ocean full of booze for taking this thing on with no time to spare and making it so much better than it was 48 hours ago. Thanks to my lovely artist, mithborien, for taking my downright dodgy draft and making something beautiful out of it.  Also, many, many thanks to the darling mods of spn_j2_bigbang for running such a tight ship. Title misappropriated from Murder by Death. Here's hoping it went to a good cause.

Summary:  A few nights a week, Jared lights a candle in the window and opens the doors to his speakeasy, welcoming one and all, so long as they know the password and how to keep their mouths shut. When the liquor starts to dry up and the revenuers start closing in, Jared is forced to hang all of his fortunes on Jensen, a bootlegger who offers him a lot of pretty promises and an even prettier smile. Together, they set off on a run that will take them from mountain hollows to metropolitan hideouts, from backwoods shacks to ritzy hotels and all points in between. They couldn't be more different; Jared is unassuming, low-keyed, and Jensen is as flashy as his souped-up Buick, but they soon discover that they have a lot more than moonshine in common.

Tags: bigbang2013, fic: j2, rated: nc-17
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