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1. Sam Winchester has really nice shoulders.

2.  Podfic!  The magnificently talented badbastion has recorded my little Sam/Dean fic   Closer  and  posted it here  with a few more besides!  I love love love the way she reads the dialogue, kinda gruff and growly, stuttering and breathy and exactly how I hear it in my head.  Go forth!  Escucha!

3.  When last we spoke, I was heading northward for An Evening of Awesome with the Brothers Green, which was, in a word, awesome.  John spoke and Hang sang and John sang and Hank spoke.  There were readings and special guests, and then Neil Gaiman showed up.  NEIL GAIMAN LIVE AND IN THE FLESH.  I might have squealed in an unbecoming fashion.  And then everyone sang and I've had This Year by the Mountain Goats stuck in my head ever since then.

4.  deirdre_c  has pointed us in the direction of this little Valentines Day anonymous love meme and I encourage you all to take part and make people smile.  

5.  Someone from twitter just added me as a friend here on lj.  How does this work?  I didn't even know that it was possible.  Does anyone know anything about this sort of thing?  Will my posts show up on her twitter feed or something?  How do you guys feel abou that?Strange.

6.  Can we talk about bigbang for a second?  See.  I have this one idea--J2, historical, 5k down on paper already and a fairly workable outline, believe it or not, and a last line already written (of course).  But I've written J2 every year thus far, and I sort of want to switch it up.  I feel like I need to write this long, rambling wincest fic, and pay my dues as a dyed in the wool, card carrying wincest shipper.  The main problem with this is that I have no plot whatsoever, which has not particularly hindered me in the past, but this is supposed to be longfic and would probably benefit from some sort of direction out of the starting gate.

While we're on the subject:  what are you working on?  Any ideas for bigbang or otherwise?  Allow me to cheer you on.  Perhaps the more we talk about writing, or drawing or other fannish endeavors the more likely it is that we'll get something done.

7. glovered s awesome, and this is just one small reason why:  

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