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fic: The Road to Where You Are-Epilogue

Title: The Road to Where You Are--Epilogue
Genre: Jared/Jensen RPS AU 
Rating: PG 
Word Count: ~700 this part 
Disclaimer: Nope, not true, nope not mine, yup, still broke. 
Summary: When Jared's best friend, Jensen - who he's had a crush on for years - tells him he is going to get married, he leaves everything behind and runs away to Europe. When Jared returns five years later for his father's funeral, Jared discovers that leaving the past behind isn't as easy as he'd thought. 

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The Road to Where You Are ~ Epilogue

The two men walked through the center of the crowded Piazza della Rotunda, passing by throngs of tourists with guidebooks and cameras, passing by shouting hawkers selling umbrellas.  A dozen different languages drifted into their ears forming a sort of constant, unintelligible drone in the square. 

It seemed that everyone around them was giving them a wide berth.  Jared knew that it was because of his height.  It was an experience that he’d often had.  It was as if people thought he needed more room to move than the average person.  However he preferred to think of it differently.  He preferred to believe all of the people surrounding them were allowing them to have this little corner of the world to themselves.  It wasn’t the truth, but it was sometimes good to make believe.

Booming claps of thunder punctuated this background noise more and more frequently as swiftly moving, dark clouds began to blot out the sun overhead.  The wind was picking up, cooler gusts swirled and mixed with the hot, humid air.  It felt electric and perhaps a little magical.

They always stood so close together, walked close together.  It was a subconscious thing with them.  Years spent apart seemed to have caused this need to always stay so near, a constant brush of hands, of hips, of elbows or shoulders.  The frequent sidelong secret glances and half-smiles. 

Coming to a stop in front of the mailbox Jared reached into his back pocket and pulled out a postcard.  His used his large hand to shield the message from Jensen’s prying eyes.

“You really aren’t going to let me read it, are you?” Jensen said, a little exasperated.

“Not until we get back home.” Jared replied adamantly.  His attempted seriousness was ruined by a smile that he could not quite hide.

Truthfully Jared was a little embarrassed by his message.  It was a small snippet of a poem he had read years ago for some literature class in college.  At the time it had reminded him of Jensen, and well, nowadays it reminded him of Jensen even more.

He would hear about it when they got home, that was for sure.  Jensen would get the card and call him a girl or a sap or overly sentimental.  And maybe he was.  But right now, watching Jensen as he squinted up at him, the skin of his nose turning red from a day spent under the Mediterranean sun, Jared could not care less.  He was content to just look at him, content in the certainty that Jensen was his.  Finally his.

Jared placed the card in the box before Jensen decided to make a move to grab it from him.  With a flick of his eyes toward the sky he said, “C’mon.  The storm’s about to start.” 

Grabbing Jensen by the elbow Jared led them across the plaza.  They walked quickly between tall and ancient columns, then through a set of enormous bronze doors.

Jensen’s step faltered a little when he entered the Pantheon, amazed by the sight that greeted him.  But Jared urged him forward, stating in a rushed whisper, “We’ll have time for that later.”

He brought them to a stop near the center of the building beneath the opening in the dome.  Feeling the first few drops of rainfall on his forehead Jared glanced beside him.

Jensen’s face was turned up, his eyelids fluttering a little in the falling rain.  He raised his arm, curled it around Jared’s waist, hooking a thumb through a belt loop, drawing him imperceptibly closer. 

Jared closed his eyes as Jensen leaned in to place a soft kiss along the sharp line of his jaw.  He felt Jensen’s breath on his dampened skin when he spoke.  

“I’ve got it bad, Jared…in this crazy kind of way.” Jensen said to him, his whispered drawl so quiet in comparison to the loud and continuous boom of thunder that echoed in the building. 

Jared heard him clear as a bell, knew exactly what he meant.  It was the closest he had ever come to saying it outright; the words were not quite there yet but they were almost there.  But to Jared, they were plenty close enough.



Thanks to all of you who stuck through this story with me.


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