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Hello hello!  

This picture of Sam is doing wonderful things for my soul:  

oh wow Sam

♠ A canon question for fic purposes!  Does anyone know when Sam said yes to Lucifer in the End!verse?  Dean says that it's been five years since he's seen Sam, but I don't think it's ever specifically stated.  Do you think that it was right after their separation, or years later?

♠ It's been a month and a half since I've posted.  Weird.  I've been to NYC four times in recent weeks (for work and fun and a very unusual 24-hour period wherein we were kicked out of places an alarming number of times), to Philly once (Eastern State Penitentiary!  Bullriding!  Diner food! Unintentionally ending up on the internet!), down to Virginia for a dig then over to Delaware for another dig, and back to Maryland for yet a third dig.

♠ Got to (briefly) meet John Green a few weeks ago at the LOC Book Festival, wherein he did a reading from The Fault in Our Stars, and then sat and signed books for hours and hours. Funny, brilliant, generous and really rather twitchy in person. DFTBA, folks.

♠ I've written and worked and studied myself stupid.  I defend my dissertation in a month.  A MONTH, and I'm at that point where I've forgotten things I've known for years.  Any advice on how to maintain a level head from anyone who has been through something similar is very much appreciated, because right now I have The Fear.   

♠ How are you?  Yes, you.  You with the internet.
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