an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

Happy Labor Day to those of us in the States, and a very happy Monday to everyone.

+ Thank you, big_heart_june, for the shiny new pencil!  Lovely!

+ Got my samdean_otp minibang draft submitted with an hour or so to spare!  I'm noticing a trend there.  I'm taking a few days away from the thing, and then I'll start editing (read: re-writing almost every single word of it).  Summaries go up today (if I'm not mistaken) for our artists' perusal.  I love when summaries are posted and can't wait to see what everyone's been working on.  It's my very favorite thing.

+   I'm heading to points northward (early, ouch) tomorrow morning, Manhattan specifically, to visit with a friend and geek out in a professional capacity over some artifacts from Seneca Village.  

+  Don't know if I ever told you guys this, but I have a tumblr?  I'm riyku over there (creatively), and if you visit, you'll find that it's completely empty, mainly because I have no idea, at all, how tumblr works.  So you follow people and look at pretty stuff, and uh...repost it or something?  I also don't know the etiquette of the thing.  Do you follow people without saying hello first?  Dunno.  It seems to me that I prefer a bit more interaction in my interaction.  I'm thinking more on it because there seems to be a lot of fanart I'm missing out on.  Advice?  Who should I follow?  What do I do? How does it work?  

I hope that the start of the week is treating everyone very well.

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