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now i'm ready to close my eyes

First order of business:  I highly recommend y'all go read this:  

Shiver with Anticipation by cherie_morte.  J2 //  nc-17  //  Summary: Jared is a drag queen named Anita Mann and Jensen wants to try something new tonight.  Guys, it's got genderplay and mirror sex and corset kink, and if that's not enough to sway you, it's also absolutely brilliantly written and slow and so fucking sensual, and the boys' mutual adoration and trust positively drips from it.

Yesterday was the last day of work for me at the plantation, and I'm stuck in this curiously sentimental frame of mind.  I've worked at the site for the last three summers.  Dunno.  Onward and upward.  

Knocked out of going to the lab this morning for a variety of reasons, therefore today is the day for fannish maintenance.  I plan to read a little, answer comments a little, and write a lot.  To all of us who are finishing (or just starting) our Sam/Dean minibangs:  Good luck and godspeed.  May the Force be with you.  

I also need to get on the ball about backing everything up to the AO3.  I have something ridiculous like six fics archived there.  To that end, I also discovered that I have three (scratch that, now I have two!) invite codes for the AO3, and I've heard that those are a little hard to come by nowadays.  If anyone needs one, please let me know.  I hate to think of them sitting over there collecting dust even a moment longer.

Have you read anything awesome recently?  Rec me something, if you're of a mind.  I'm in a Sam/Dean way at the moment, although J2 is more than welcome.  Thank you!

Cheers, all.

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