an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

the hardest button to button

Heya folks. Happy Saturday.

Just opened a vein and bought tires for my car.  Painful, really, and I can't help but imagine all the fun I coulda had with that money instead.  

Enough of that.  Beautiful day today in this neck of the woods.  Sky blue sky.  I've got 16 Horsepower piping all gothic and pretty out of the kitchen window, a cup of damn fine coffee at arm's reach (french roast with chicory, mailed to me from New Orleans by a friend who knows my heart) and a bowl full of blueberries acquired fresh this morning.  A pitcher of sangria is percolating in the fridge for this afternoon, because the best way to stretch a bottle of wine is to add rum to it, and my dog is curled around my feet beneath the table.

Writing sprints, anyone?  I'm riyku.lj over on gchat.  Hit me up!
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