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an agent of the random

mathematically turning the page

Happy Monday folks. 

Goings on, conveniently enumerated:

1.  salt_burn_porn sign-ups are next Thursday.  Who's thinking about tossing their hat in?

2.  I carved out an hour to work on my S/D minibang the other day and managed to put 39 words down on paper.  39.  That's it.  Might have to pick the up the pace if I hold any chance of getting anywhere with it, huh?

3. Speaking of which, a canon interpretation question for you guys:  Camp Chitaqua in 2014'verse.  What do you think was its population?  A few dozen people big, maybe?  Fewer than 50?  We're never told specifically, nor do we know when Dean made his way there, or the circumstances behind him putting down roots there, although obviously my OTP loving heart tells me it has to do with Sam.  Opinions welcome.

4.   Lots of folks on the flist are having a bumpy time of it recently, and I'm thinking about a love meme, since I find them particularly happy-making and I think that other people think so as well.  I'll host it, bring the beer and chips and salsa, as it were.  You guys up for playing?

5.  dugindeep is over in this neck of the woods doing timestamps and being awesome.  This gives me great joy and helps me avoid work.  Seems to be going around today.

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