an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

drifting becomes a habit

Thanks guys, really, for all the notes and cards and messages and emails the other day.  Thanks also to lavishsqualor, dephigravity, dugindeep, wendy, and shinyslasher for the v-gifts.   At the risk of sounding like a sap: You guys make everyday so much better and I love having each and every one of you around. You have no idea.

Just arrived home this morning from parts northward, where I drank good beer, had the most amazing guacamole, and lectured anyone who would hold still long enough on the changing symbology of colonial era tombstones.  An all around grand time was had.

Waiting for me in the kitchen when I got home was this here gift from my family:

   Not my photo, but it's the same model--a Goldtone BG-250 that I've been drooling over for the better part of a year.  Clear as a bell and pretty as a picture.  I'm in love, guys.  In love.  Years ago, I took over the care and feeding of my grandfather's banjo, a beautiful Washburn he'd inherited from his father that's now creeping up on 100 years old and in need of some serious rehab.  I've been too scared to play it for the last several months.  As you can imagine, folks willing to take that sorta project on are few and far between.  I've spent the day knocking the rust off of my fingers and it's been wonderful.

On the fandom front: My plan to finish four fics by the end of August is under way.  One down and posted, two (J2) partly written, and another (yonder S/D minibang) fairly well thought out.  I have the last line of that one written, which is a good place for me to start.  What are you guys working on?  

There is a spider the size of a velociraptor in my downstairs bathroom.  It's a fast sucker too.  I have The Fear.

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