an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

lost in the watershed, way outta tune

Broadcasting live from the Firefly Festival, in all of its drippy, muddy glory.  Kinda.  Actually a coffee shop near my beach place, but soon to return to the fest.  We're not talking about the traffic.  

Jack White, y'all.  Jack White ripped it wide open last night.  Played most of Blunderbuss and pulled out some Raconteurs and Stripes to boot.  'Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.'  So sexy.  As an aside, I think that I have no fewer than three Sam/Dean fics written with that very working title.  'Ball and a Biscuit'--don't even get me started.  Closed out the night with 'Seven Nation Army.'

Heading for points northward on Wednesday.  Boston, specifically, to geek out in an historical fashion and drink some very good beer.  But before that, I need to finish a fic (Cherie, if you're seeing this: I'm still working on the fic--I got so stuck on it--and would love to send it to you if you'll still have me).  In fact, I need to finish four fics.  This is an August goal and I'd love for you guys to make me stick to it.

Speaking of which, anyone started their samdean_otp minibang yet?  How's the progress?  Can we set up some sort of support group?  I need support and would love to support you.

How is everyone? 
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