an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

Hot.  Whoa.  103 degrees in the shade.  A person can't think in this kinda heat.

A question!  Are there any CW RPS moresome comms around these parts?  I feel like I should know this. I might almost be finished writing something and have no idea where to post it, or if I even should post it.  (Also, if anyone would be willing to take critical eye to it in the next couple of days I'd be much obliged and can email or pm details.  It might not be for everybody).

Hosting a dinner party for my academic advisor and folks from the field school and various others this fine evening.  A rather grown-up affair.  Heaven help me.  How did this happen?

How is everyone?  Hope you're all having a happy Saturday!

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