an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

A favor?

Hello all.

Anyone have the time to beta a short story?  I'd call upon my usual handlers, but I'm keeping lily on retainer for any potential bigbang freak-outs, and I just called upon gypsy for a huge favor and don't want to darken her doorstep again so soon.

Specs: J2  //  College AU  //  NC-17  //  In the ballpark of 3k but a good two-thirds of the story is the porn of it.  //  Quasi-summary: Jared is distracting.  Jensen likes it. 

The thing is finished, and there's no rush on it, really, although I would like to post it at some point this week.  It's a gift, and the dear has waited so long for it as it stands.  Many thanks!
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