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fic: Two Steps Forward

Title:  Two Steps Forward
Genre: J2 High School AU
Rating:  R (to be safe)
Word Count:  1,200
Notes:  A timestamp for Yesterdays, written for morganoconner, who asked for a sort of coming out tale.  This isn't quite it, but it's close.  Little late, my dear, forgive me?  Many thanks to flawlessglitch, for the quick beta, and for suggesting that I write about tree houses in the first place.

Summary:  Jared has been gone for a week, and there are a couple of surprises waiting for him when he returns.

Two Steps Forward

Jensen let out a war whoop--a high-pitched, ridiculous thing--as he poked his head through the window of their tree house. He disappeared and emerged a second later from the trap door, scampered down the rope ladder and jumped off before he was even half way to the ground.

Jared’s heart tripped up at the sight of him, grinning and happy, crashing through the underbrush and smacking branches out of his way. He launched himself at Jared, barely balancing on the balls of his feet, his arms finding Jared’s neck and wrapping around snug. Jensen kissed him, slow and lingering, and Jared felt a thrill that took strong root in his spine and zipped clear through to the tips of his fingers. “Damn,” Jensen said, smiling. “It’s good to see you.”

Burying his nose in Jensen’s neck, Jared mumbled, “It’s only been a week.” He tried for nonchalance and shot wide of the mark. Jared breathed in deep. Jensen smelled like paint thinner and sweat. Jared didn’t mind it.

“Yeah, a really long week.”

Jared agreed. He still wished that Jensen could have come with him on vacation. It would have made the long hours in the car with his folks that much more bearable, but practice had already started for the summer and Jensen couldn’t skip out. “I sent you a postcard,” Jared told him, curling his fingers around Jensen’s arms and rubbing his thumbs along his skin, sun-warm and soft.

“I didn’t get it.”

“I sent it yesterday.”

“That might explain why.”

Jensen pulled away, their shirts sticking together, bound by tacky paint. Flecks of the stuff were on Jensen’s arms and hands, tiny dots of bright green. Splatters in his hair. “How’s it going in there?” Jared squinted up at the tree house.

“Fixed that one leak in the roof,” Jensen noted, pulling Jared along by his wrist. “Almost finished painting. Mike’s coming by later with a new trap door. A frame too. Honest-to-god brass hinges and everything.”

Jared bit back a surge of unfounded and irrational jealousy. He didn’t like the idea of Mike coming here; held tight to the notion that this place was theirs. His and Jensen’s alone. “Looks like we’re moving up in the world,” he said.

With an experimental tug on the rope ladder, Jared started to hook a heel on it but then Jensen steered him away, walking him toward the broad trunk of the tree. Jensen pinned him there, set Jared’s hands on his hips with a firm press of his own. His mouth fell warm and insistent on the crook of Jared’s neck. It tickled a little and Jared squirmed, shrugged his shoulder, felt the bite of tree bark along his back and dove down to nip at Jensen’s bottom lip in revenge.

The shape of Jensen’s smile curled against Jared’s mouth and he pressed his whole body in closer, sorta melted against Jared and found exactly the right way to fit them together. A thigh between Jared’s, hands nestled into the mop of Jared’s hair, lips and tongue in a wet slide. Jared closed his eyes and let himself sink into the closeness of Jensen, thought about that out-of-whack sensation he’d felt for the last seven days, vague and indefinable, and about how sometimes a week could seem like a year.

Jared wasn’t hard yet, but he was getting there, a slow curl of warmth unwinding deep down in his stomach. His skin flared with spikes of heat each time Jensen’s hands found bare flesh. Jensen’s fingers wandered along the back of his neck, dipped under the stretched out collar of Jared’s t-shirt, only to then dive lower, pull at the hem of his shirt and find the jut of his hipbones.

Rocking his hips with definite intent, Jensen pulled back a little, regarded Jared with contentment. Heavy lidded and dark, the color in his eyes was all but lost to wide open pupils and his mouth looked so soft, flushed and inviting. “I kinda missed you,” Jensen teased, punctuating his words with a small jab of his hips.

“Yeah, me too. So much. More than I knew I would,” Jared replied, surprising himself with the bell-clear ring of truth that came with it.

It incited something in Jensen and he gaped at Jared for a split second, then drew in closer still and kissed Jared hard, open mouthed and deep, sucking on Jared’s lips and tracing the shape of his teeth with his tongue. The force of it staggered Jared a little and he locked his knees in place, feet spread wide and as he let Jensen bear the lion’s share of his weight. He splayed his palms on the small of Jensen’s back, into the dip of his spine and following the gentle curve of the top of his ass. Jensen groaned against his mouth and shoved in closer, the ridge of his cock slotting into the cut of Jared’s hip.

Jared was just getting his footing and considering the best way to get Jensen on his back when a static sort of noise cut through the rush of his heartbeat in his ears. “Wha--” he managed, but then Jensen was stepping back, yanking at his shirt and wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. When he moaned this time, it was for a whole other reason.

“Hello the ship,” a cheerful voice called out, and Jared let his head loll against the tree trunk, willing his hard-on down and trying to catch his breath.

“Mike. Impeccable timing,” Jensen sneered.

Jared cuffed him playfully, dragged him in for another short kiss, one that Jensen turned into something a bit more lingering. After another quick shuffle of his clothes, Jared plastered on his most hospitable smile and turned to greet Mike, just now visible behind the thick screen of branches and summertime green leaves.

Jensen stepped in beside him and twinned his fingers with Jared’s, his grip tight and his palm a little damp. He took a deep breath, set his jaw and squared his shoulders, and now it was Jared’s turn to stare, surprised and unsure. A lot had changed since this started, and Jensen had come a long way from those fumbling first weeks, when everything was unknown and new and twice as frightening as it was now. They both had. Still, it was a slow thing with Jensen--always two steps forward and one step back--and Jared was fine with that. Great in fact.  Time was one thing they had in spades.  

They both glanced down at the tangle of their fingers, Jensen’s hand shaking some in Jared’s firm, steady grip. The crunching sound of Mike’s footsteps grew nearer.

“You sure?” Jared asked, tipping his head close to Jensen’s.

“No, not at all,” Jensen said, but he squeezed Jared’s hand even tighter. When he looked up at Jared, it was with a small, almost private smile. “And completely.”


Thanks for reading.

Tags: fic: j2, rated: r, yesterdays 'verse
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