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fic: The Road to Where You Are-Masterpost

Title: The Road to Where You Are
Genre: Jared/Jensen RPS AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 24,000
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, no more, no less.
Summary: When Jared's best friend, Jensen - who he's had a crush on for years, tells him he is going to get married, he leaves everything behind and runs away to Europe. When Jared returns five years later for his father's funeral, Jensen is there too, and Jared discovers that leaving the past behind isn't as easy as he first thought.
A/N : This is a bunny I adopted from little_jenny25 I hope that I have done it justice!
A/N: Thanks be to cowboyangel in her role as head cheerleader, to bigj52 for being my wonderful beta, and tracking down all those nasty commas, and burned_phoenix for dealing with me graciously, and of course the fantastic banner!
Feedback: Any and all comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and more than appreciated, tell me what you liked, tell me what you did not like, and make me a better writer!

Prologue  ::  Chapter 1  ::  Chapter 2  ::  Chapter 3 ::  Chapter 4  :: Epilogue

Tags: au, fic: j2, masterpost, rated: pg, the road to where you are
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