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fic: Sacrament Masterpost

Title: Sacrament
Genre: Sam/Dean AU
Rating: R
Word Count: ~15000
Warnings: Violence, religious themes
Notes:  Written for the samdean_otpminibang challenge, and many thanks to the folks over there for keeping this boat afloat..  I borrowed a couple of elements from the graphic novel Priest (mainly the tattoos and some of the western aesthetic).  Endless thanks to star_damagedfor your feedback, and to flawlessglitch, who poked me and prodded me, and deals with my neurosis like a champ.  lily, the next round's on me.  Very many thanks to ladytiferet, for so graciously lending her time and her talent to this little project of ours. 

Summary:  In Seminary, Sam cultivated a love of knowledge and of God, in exactly that order.  He was taught that vampires were real, that silver could take down a werewolf, and that belief could be a living, breathing thing.  In Seminary, Dean learned how to fight.  Most of all, Dean learned to have faith in his brother.  They were both introduced to the true meaning of war.  Now the war is finished and the church has disbanded their sect of elite warriors, leaving them to fend in an unfamiliar civilian society.  They are ragtag refugees of a war everyone tries to forget.  For Sam and Dean, however, the fight is far from over.

Tags: fic: sam/dean, rated: r
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