an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

Better than Moonshine: Notes

First, a rousing chorus of thank you to everyone who hopped on board with me on this story.  Secondly, my apologies to Thomas Pynchon, the genius that he is, for poking a little fun at him (and myself) and for stealing a character name.  Oedipa Maas.  A name like that just begs to be used over and over.  I also owe a debt of gratitude to the fictional Professor Grady Tripp, for the bathrobe and certain aspects of Jensen's personality.

Many, many thanks to (conveniently bullet-pointed):
  • thehighwaywoman  and wendy , for their organizational skills and enthusiasm, and for their patience with us writers and artists.
  •  kruel_angel, for making the downloadable versions beautiful.
  •  ahhlee_spn , for the lovely artwork.  An absolute joy to work with on this little project.
  •  prairiedays, for always quickly responding to my 'SOS' emails, and for your grace and candor.
  • tryfanstone , for some invaluable advice when I was stuck at 7,000 words with my tires spinning.
  •  and finally to flawlessglitch .  She knows why and where and how often.  Here's to another one in the bag, Sunshine.  Keep the home fires burning for me, would ya?
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