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fic: Higher Learning

Title:  Higher Learning
Genre: Jared/Jensen College AU
Word Count: 1,500 
Rating: NC-17 (just to be on the safe side)
Notes:  Oh, lily, what would I do without you?  This is a small gift for the lovely chez_amanda , for that fic meme that made the rounds ages ago.  
Warning: Whoa schmoop.

Summary:  It's final exams week, and Jared thinks that Jensen just needs to find a way to unwind.

Higher Learning

Jared closed the cover on the book he was slogging through, someone’s thesis on the aesthetics of postmodern literature that he was a little too caffeinated to fully appreciate at the moment. He unfolded himself from the slumped chair with a wince and glanced at the clock.

Jensen was late. Jensen was never late.

The coffee shop on the south side of campus was crowded, full of other students with their faces buried behind laptops, and Jared weaved between the closely stacked tables on his way to the door.

There was an anxious sort of thrum in the air throughout campus, final exam week a huge, looming shadow over everybody’s heads. With one semester under his belt already, Jared felt oddly calm about the whole thing. He kept waiting for the wave of panic to hit.

He dashed toward the main library, figuring on a three to one chance that he’d find Jensen holed up somewhere in there. As he passed the circulation desk, a frazzled looking woman with the phone pressed to her ear rewarded him with a smile as she jabbed her pointer finger toward the ceiling. Jared nodded, mouthed a silent ‘thanks’ and hit the stairs two at a time.

The musty, comforting smell of books filled his nose when he slipped quietly through the fifth floor door of the library. Jared methodically searched through the rows of shelves. The place was basically empty, most of the students preferring to research databases from the comfort of their own dorm rooms. It was one of Jensen’s favorite bones to pick—that hardly anyone seemed to read books anymore.

Jared spotted Jensen’s backpack slumped and open at the end of a row of shelves, made his way over and allowed himself a few seconds to enjoy the view.

Jensen was sitting cross-legged between the shelving, his back pressed to the wall and headphones plugged into his ears. Books and papers were spread out before him like a fan. A small frown painted his face, his head bowed over a book that rested on his knees. He looked a little pale, tired, hair sticking up in all directions, and had on yesterday’s t-shirt. He was absolutely beautiful.

Taking a step forward, Jared cleared his throat and Jensen glanced up at him distractedly, pulling a mauled and nearly unrecognizable plastic blue pen cap from between his teeth. “Crap,” he said as he yanked his headphones off.

“Happy to see you too, sunshine.” Jared stooped down in front of him.

“Sorry. I didn’t forget,” Jensen said, the words coming out in a rush. “I was just gonna finish the re-write for English lit and read the last chapter for Bio, and then I had to…crap. Help you study for poly sci.“ Jensen produced a list in his neat, blocky script, with tidy check marks adorning the things he’d already accomplished. Jared secretly believed that Jensen wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning without some sort of schedule telling him how and when to do it.

“Don’t worry about the studying,” Jared assured him. “If it’s not in my head by now, no amount of shoving it in there is gonna make it stick.”

“It’s a shame I haven’t had time to pick up my copy of Jared Padalecki’s Zen and the Art of Not Studying for Exams.” Jensen snickered at him.

“Too bad,” Jared shot back, “I hear it’s a fascinating read.”

“Of course you haven’t read it yet.”


Jensen huffed a sigh, and Jared rubbed his fingers against the small crease that formed between his Jensen’s brows as he frowned. “Don’t,” Jared said. “You’ll get wrinkles.”

“Following that line of thought, I shouldn’t smile either,” Jensen pointed out.

“Those are laugh lines. They’re better. Sexier.”

Jensen just rolled his eyes.

“C’mere,” Jared said, extending a hand and lifting Jensen to his feet.

“Just twenty more minutes. I’ll be golden if you give me twenty more minutes.” Jensen said, but let Jared wrap his arms around him, dropping his head to Jared’s shoulder. He was wound tight, his spine rigid. Jared slid his hands along Jensen’s back, up and down slowly, felt the instant that Jensen seemed to give in and slump against him.

“Give me five minutes, and then you can have your twenty,” Jared said.

“You’re a bad influence.” Jensen pulled back, a slow smile curling on his lips, his eyes sliding unfocused over Jared’s face.
Jared shrugged a little, opened his mouth to answer, but Jensen was already there, his soft lips pressed against Jared’s, a hand coming up to loosely curl into Jared’s messy hair.

Five minutes. Hell, Jared could do this all day. Jared’s eyes slipped closed as Jensen deepened the kiss, sucked on his lower lip and gave Jared a light graze of teeth. Jensen’s mouth was warm, pliant against his. He pressed his thumb along Jared’s jaw, urging him open. A slow slide of tongue alongside Jared’s own, and Christ, he always tasted so good.

A low heat was building inside of Jared, and he walked Jensen backward, pressed him up against the wall and blocked him in. He broke the kiss, dragged his mouth along Jensen’s jaw. A small bite to the soft skin of Jensen’s neck and Jensen hissed in a breath between his teeth, his hips rocking forward.

Jared’s fingers scrambled along the hem of Jensen’s shirt, lifting it up and palming the warm skin of Jensen’s stomach, his muscles pulled tight and almost vibrating. Jensen tilted his head back with a whimper when Jared unhooked the top button of his jeans and slid a hand into Jensen’s shorts.

“Jared,” Jensen hissed, his eyes darting around, “what if someone—“

“Shhh.” Jared quietly hushed him with two fingers across his lips. “You worry too much.” He traced the shape of Jensen’s mouth, pressed a thumb to Jensen’s full lower lip. Jensen bit down hard and then sucked on Jared’s finger, his tongue swirling around it. Jared moaned, low in his throat, curled his fingers around Jensen’s dick and squeezed.

The angle was all wrong, tight and cramped, but Jensen didn’t seem to mind. He reached up, slung his arms loosely around Jared’s neck and rolled his hips, working himself inside of Jared’s fist.

A flush was riding high on his cheeks, and a slick of sweat made his skin shine, his upper lip drawn back in something that almost looked like a snarl. He opened his eyes, locked onto Jared and he leaned in close, foreheads touching. “Son of a bitch,” he said, his breath hitching and falling hot on Jared’s mouth.

“Yeah, but you love me.”

“Yeah. I do.”

Jared’s hand stuttered for a second, his stomach feeling like it had just come to a rocky landing somewhere around his feet. It was such an off hand kind of comment, and Jared knew that a lot of people said a lot of things that they didn’t necessarily mean at times like this. Hell, Jared had been guilty of it once or twice himself.

But Jensen always spoke so carefully. He didn’t make those kinds of mistakes.

Jared recovered quickly though, crashing their mouths together again, swallowing the desperate sounds coming from Jensen.

Jensen gave this sort of full body shudder, his knees locking in place and his grip on Jared’s neck strengthening. Jared could read him like a book. He was close, almost there. Jared dropped to his knees, and yanked at Jensen’s shorts with a rough pull. He swallowed Jensen down fast, Jensen’s dick jerking and heavy on his tongue.

“Shit,” Jensen cursed. He slapped his hands so hard against the wall that it had to have stung, and then he was coming, pulsing thick and hot into Jared’s mouth, hips still working in stilted little thrusts.

Jared worked him through it, licking into the slit and gathering every drop. He pressed his hand to his own dick, painfully hard within the confines of his jeans.

Jensen’s legs seemed to finally give out, and he slid down the wall, a dopey smile brightening his face. Jared leaned forward, gave him a sloppy kiss and chuckled when Jensen licked his lips.

“Here,” Jensen said, making a slow, lazy motion toward Jared’s belt.

As much as it pained him, literally, Jared just shook his head. “No,” he joked, “what if someone sees us? Besides, this was all about you.” He stood up, adjusted himself in his pants, and pulled his t-shirt down as far as it would go. “Finish up.”

Jensen still looked dazed, but he nodded. “Meet you in twenty.”

Jared made it down the stairs and out the front entrance on shaky legs, his head still feeling like it wasn’t quite attached.

He made it part way across the quad when a hoarse shout came from behind. Jared spun to find Jensen rushing toward him. He came to a breathless stop before Jared and rose up onto the balls of his feet. His hands were warm when they found the back of Jared’s neck, pulling him down a little.

“I meant it, you know,” Jensen whispered, his mouth close to Jared’s ear.

“You did?” Jared whispered back.

“Of course.”


Thanks for reading.

Tags: fic: j2, rated: nc-17
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