an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

the stranger the better

you, me, midnight tonight:

The Parade of Perversion: Round Opens September 5th

Y'all know what to do. Kink it up.

* there's a potential work thing coming up. keep your fingers crossed for me, folks. don't wanna jinx it by saying too much.

* last round i wrote eight stories for masquerade, and this time i'm aiming for nine. it's three threes and this pleases me.

* spn_j2_xmas is rumbling to life again. go forth my lovelies and sign up here!

* the hannibal finale. holy fuck. holy fuck.

* a rec! Outtakes by cherie_morte. nc-17  //  8.4k  //  warnings for infidelity  // Jared made a promise to himself: if he's going to be this person, he is going to be fully aware of it. He isn't going to pretend Jensen will leave his wife any moment or that he means more than she does or that he can be upset about any of this when he's the one who came along and fucked everything up. He is taking what he can get. //  this one has stuck with me for days and days, folks. she has this talent for clean writing that says in five words what takes me a paragraph to spit out. beautiful, heart wrenching and dear god the ending.

* njcon is in less than a month, wherein i get to spend a weekend with a good chunk of you fine, feathered perverts. can't wait!

* nap? i think nap.

* hope to see many of you tonight at the masquerade! and don't forget to pack your masks.

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