an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

teacher thinks that i sound funny

tripped across these here things:

datinggamejensen datinggamejared

and now all i want is some sorta fic wherein J2 go on that old school Dating Game show, and - miracle of miracles - they get matched up and go on their first date and find out that everything they said on the show was complete bullshit that they made up because they really wanted to go out with each other and that they're basically opposite of what they claimed. little things like Jensen said he was a morning person when he's really a night owl and Jared said that he was a neat nick when really he's a slob, and they both swore up and down that they liked art house films when really they just like to watch Bruce Willis save the world in a perilous way, but it's okay, it's great, because it turns out that they really like each other, exactly the way that they are.

in other news, i'm currently working on (mumble mumble) something like six different fics and i'm stuck on every single one of them. what are words? i do not know what words are.
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