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Good morning, afternoon or evening all! Looks like everyone is buddied up for spn_j2_bigbang, and I've been bursting at the seams to tell everyone that the ever so lovely and amazingly talented sillie82 and I will be playing together this round. Excited! Here goes:

Title: second star to the right and straight on till morning

Jared's life has always been mapped out for him: get good grades so he can get into a high-ranked college, get more good grades so he can get into an internship at a prestigious architecture firm, then land an even better job. And for the most part, Jared has happily played along. Sure, his hair may be a little long and his t-shirts a little ripped up, and he might have a co-dependent relationship with his combat boots, but his rebellions have always been small. When his uncle needs help remodeling his house, Jared volunteers. Practical knowledge will look good on his resume, and besides, he can't say no to a chance to spend some time in a new place. Soon after arriving at the tiny barrier island, however, he finds himself drawn into the laid back life of the locals, and one local in particular.

Jensen does alright for himself. A part-time gig at the local bar down on the main drag, along with the occasional repair work when his buddies wreck their surfboards keeps him from starving, and he likes the house he shares with Chris, a wind-weathered bungalow that sits just a few short steps from the ocean. He has a great group of friends, who know not to mention it when he talks in circles or his hands shake a little. He also has Jared now, who makes him see his home in a whole different way, from the old darkened lighthouse up at the northern shore to the ramshackle bar where he plays for tips, and he's not too sure how things are going to look when it's time hand him back to the real world.

I've shown you mine, now you show me yours.

And since the dust has settled somewhat, I reckon it's about time that I get my act together and get the S/D Minibang set up and rolling, once I square away my spn_cinema fic (posting Friday!) and my spn_meanttobe fic (posting within a couple of weeks) and the next installment for the smpc (holy cow). SO MUCH FANDOMING.
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