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You guys. You guys. I did a tally, and in the last week or so I've written something in the neighborhood of 20,000 words, between springfling, saltburnporn, smpc, spncinema, spnmeanttobe and yonder bigbang. If I keep up at this rate, I might realistically be able to meet all of these deadlines. However, I kinda feel like this guy right now:


And I've even been reading! Our darling salt_burn_porn writers have been tearing it up, y'all. Therefore, recs:

All Out of Love by fiercelynormal. J2 // NC-17 // 2k // Jared and Jensen are "neighbors with benefits." Funny and sweet and sexy and there's a line or two in there that will give you that stomach swoopy feeling, plus sweet Peter on a popsicle stick, super hot blowjob.

Heart-Shaped Hole by tebtosca. J2 // NC-17 // 2.6k // Money is tight in the Padalecki-Ackles household. Jared wears his stepbrother Jensen close to his chest. Step-brother fic, y'all. With clothes sharing. And oh goodness, the pining.  Add in a little henley!porn and all is right with the world.

Never Taste of the Fruit by homo_pink. J2 // R // 5.6k // Jared is sixteen, kinda douchey, and in love with his Sunday school teacher. Wow, just wow. I have a love of taboo relationships, ones that have to be kept secret, and boy does this deliver in spades. I'm still not over the ending. I might never get over the ending.

How is everyone? What are you writing, drawing, vidding, reading, looking at, listening to or thinking about?
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