an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

Hello all,

Here's hoping the week has treated you kindly.

I'm very happy to announce that this summer's field school has come to a close, and for the first summer in recent memory, wrapped up without yours truly sustaining some sort of injury.  Some of you might recall the injuries of yesteryear, including, but not limited to:  a chipped tooth, a scratched cornea, a broken hand (by way of sledgehammer), and one particularly thrilling adventure wherein I ended up at the bottom of a partially filled-in well.  My 12-16 hours a day workdays are coming to a close, which means I will have so much more time for fannish endeavor.

Plans for the weekend:

* In a few minutes, I'm heading out to spent the evening with my tattoo artist.  Only one or two more sessions after this one and I'll actually have this project licked.  YES.

* Yonder kinky fanworks meme is puttering along smashingly.  Many awesome fills and many more wonderful prompts.  Go forth!  Write! Draw! Haiku! Leave feedback!  Be kinky!

* My weekend unexpectedly opened up, and the plan is to finish and post at least two fic in the next three days.  I charge all of you to make sure I keep my word.

* Terribly behind on emails and messages and the ilk.  That's for Sunday.

* See Pacific Rim while it's still in theaters.  I've been hearing very good things.

* Binge on Welcome to Night Vale.  So damn good.

How is everybody?  Yes, you.  You with the internet.
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