an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
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one too many mornings

Happy Sunday, folks.

1. Splurge of the week:


John and Hank Green, together for An Evening of Awesome. Can't wait.

2. There are two possible contenders in the running for my spn_j2_xmas fic, both J2. One is fun and the other is weird. Okay, both may be fun, but one of them is still very, very weird. Make up my mind for me, please. Fun or weird? Cast your votes.

3. I've been reading fic! And not feeling guilty about it! And then reading more fic! I'm in a Sam/Dean way at the moment. Therefore, recs:

Out of Gas. Out of Road. Out of Time. by de_nugis. R. Summary:  Sam and Dean stop for a year. They always get a year.   Stunning narration. I especially love Sam's nearly SOC thought process here, shattered and scattered but wholly centered on keeping Dean safe. Not to spoil the story for you, but de_nugis answers a question I think we've all been asking about Sam in recent months, and what a wonderful way of going about it.

Sandcastles in the Surf, by ash_carpenter. R. Summary: Sam takes Dean to the ocean, and they find unexpected peace. Sometimes, you just have to learn to let go. Oh, the questions this one raises. Sam and Dean have all the space in the world, yet they remain fully wrapped up in each other. A quiet, sensual story that really takes its time.  

Close Reading, by deirdre_c. PG. Summary: Men willingly believe what they wish. ~ Julius Caesar  The imagery here! The repetition! The language! Beautiful turns of phrase that smack into you out of nowhere. The type of story that sinks its claws in and sticks around for a while. 

4.  Alright, folks.  It's noon.  Might be time for me to finally get up and brush my teeth.  Fold some laundry.  Act like a grown up.
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