an agent of the random (riyku) wrote,
an agent of the random

pick the seams out

Hello All.

1.  'attaboy, Mr. President.

2.  Minibang posted, after a number of trials and tribulations that were mainly electricity-induced.  I'm relatively pleased with the fic, but you should go and check out badbastion's art, which is really phenomenal.  I mean, the scene dividers alone...and then there's all the rest of it.  Beautiful.

3.  Don't know if any of you watch the Walking Dead, but holy shit that last episode.  Wow.  American Horror Story has sunk its claws in me again this year, even though I thought I'd managed to kick that habit.  I fully blame Jessica Lang and Zachary Quinto.  And also Evan Peters.

4. Just scored tickets to Mumford and Sons!  They're playing at the Patriot Center.  Last time I saw them it was at The Electric Factory in Philly.  They done growed up.  

5.  And a rec!  Dirty, Sharp, Perfect Pieces by minchout.  Summary:  This is the story of Sam and Dean. Really. Except Sam sort of likes to wear girls clothes, and Dean's pretty okay with that.  I loved everything about this fic, from the title to the very last line.  Complicated, beautifully drawn characters.  Hot and sensual and achey and exactly right, through and through.
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